Responding to the global carbon offset, started from 2011, working alongside with B&W Education Foundation, the education authority, and local governments, we are working to promote campus vegetarianism and Farm to Table education. Other than providing organic produces, we also combine food and environmental education, designed classes for children to be close to farms. We also hold many events to share with children, the concept of friendly environment, kindness to animals and how plant-based diet led to healthy mind and body.

How We Work on Plant-Based Diet Advocacy

  • Cooking workshops

  • CEVA training workshop

  • School Farm Field Project

  • Farm trips for students

  • Campaigns for consumers

" Since we are not living on the moon, everyone should care about the world's food, soil, water, education, and other living environment. We are responsible ourselves and not to the others. "

— Master Zhen Ru

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