Participating in international organizations and platforms gives us the chance to share and exchange experiences, therefore, expand our vision and inspire other partners. A total of 7 papers were published in various seminars. We hope that our work can inspire more and more people and that we can learn from other NGOs, for building bright future and healthy environment.

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" If we can truly abandon evil and embrace good, we will become a very kind person, and this world will become better because we change ourselves. "

— Master Zhen Ru

International Affairs We were Involved

2013-2018 Represented Taiwan NGOs for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in InterAction Forum annually

2015-2018 Assisted Baba in Malaysia to build a certification system and held national organic conference

2016 Partnered with Food For The Poor, Inc. and initiated School Environment Protection Project in St. Lucia

2016 Became IFOAM member, IFOAM Asia member, IPSI member

2017 Participated in Malaysia Organic Conference

2017 Participated in IFOAM’s Organic World Congress as speakers

2017-2019 Participated in ALGOA and signed MOA; participated in the ALGOA Summit, IFOAM Asia’s Organic Youth Forum, Organic Asia Congress, and Organic Foundation Course, 6th Asian Organic Rice Conference, co-organized the conference in IFOAM Asia’s 2019 Organic Youth Forum held in Taiwan

2018 Participated in IPSI’s 7th Global Conference as invited speakers

2018 Plant-for-the-Planet Initiative: The Trillion Tree Campaign

2018 The 6th International Marine Debris Conference

2018 50 by 40 Corporate Outreach Summit