Plant-Based Diet 2019 / 12 / 13 4270


From 2004 on, the Foundation promoted vegetarianism thru lectures, cooking DIY’s and various camp activities, encouraging people to eat less meat and more vegetable for environment and health. During Chinese New Year in 2008, the Foundation featured vegetarian meals in the 10,000 people events promoting ‘Green for Love’ vegetarian showrooms, with films, photo exhibitions and games to allow people to try vegetarian for one day, one meal or even just one less bite of meat, instead of their usual carnivore feasts. All these Acts of Love could bring peace and warmth for the world.

All year round, interesting vegetarian activities were held throughout the island, activities like reward cards, cooking competitions, vegetarian meal DIY, break- thru games, board games, animal exercises and veggie restaurants locations, etc. allowing people to have fun and at the same time, to appreciate vegetarian meals from multiple angles, e.g. health, environment, ecology and animal protection . A total of 367 lectures were given, and 9,840 people participated in 2018. A total of 100,000 people participated in the events since 2004.