Plant-Based Diet 2018 / 05 / 10 3344


In April, 2018, the Foundation was invited to attend the ‘50 by 40 Corporate Outreach Summit’, organized by ProVeg and The Humane Society of the US, to share its 20 years of experiences and results in promoting vegetarianism, to over 30 countries,160 people of various vegetarians promoter organizations and environmentalists. They included the current joint efforts with local schools to improve the vegetarian lunches. Hopefully thru international exchanges and cooperation with the professionals to popularize the concept, in order to help achieving sustainable environment.

The Summit appealed to all international concerned vegetarian promoters, to target a 50% reductions of animal products by year 2040. It invited international vegetarian promoters, environmental and animal organizations, food companies and governments to communicate and work on all possible cooperation or alliances. Special invitation was extended to promoter organizations from China, Japan and Taiwan in Asian areas to share experiences and results. The Foundation represented Taiwan, to introduce the fusion elements of culture, geographic, religion and historical background, all these shaped a unique characteristics of Asian food culture, also included were the different dietary requirements. Among the 132 Leezen stores in Taiwan, other than organic vegetations, they also provide healthy and safe ovo-vegetarian food. Along with these product lines, vegetarian concept is easier to promote.