Plastic-Free Action 2019 / 12 / 13 3281


Lianan Preventative Medical Organization, with a corporate slogan ‘Care for Life and Nature’, replying to the Foundation’s ‘Drink w/o Waste - 100 Pioneers’, they held an ingenious staff athletic meet, featuring ‘Plastic Free’.

During the meet, their staff, along with the Foundation, carefully reduced disposable plastics, e.g., the sandwiches were wrapped in paper instead of film wraps, even plastic adhesive tapes were avoided. The usual plastic numbered plates worn by the athletes, were replaced by painted numbers on their faces. Additionally, they also have competitions about plastic products. Each team ingeniously created plastic-free catchwords. During the meet, the Foundation mascot for ‘Drink without waste’ bb big blue’ was invited on site, and vowed with everyone, signified LianAn’s determination of plastic reduction.