Plastic-Free Action 2018 / 03 / 16 4093

The Foundation, along with Green Peace, Society of Wilderness, Institute of Ocean Technology and Marine Affairs and EPA, attended the Sixth International Marine Debris Conference. It gathered 600 top researchers, policy makers, industrial representatives and NGO’s for discussions on Marine debris. All the newest research results, experiences and suggestions were shared, many resolutions were suggested during the conference. There were new knowledge and actions input, the Foundation expects to make good use of these for to continuous input into the related advocations.

The current Marine Debris issues in Taiwan, is being managed by ‘Marine debris management platform’, organized by the Foundation and EPA. In less than a year, the first Taiwan Marine Debris action plan was announced. Among them, the disposable plastic reduction timetable was included. These messages amazed many attendants. In the past 2 years, the Foundation worked diligently on Marine debris education through various camp promotions, and together with BW Education Foundation, they promoted in various campus. Which influenced some teachers to persuade schools to change the free lunch boxes into plastic-free packing, they even encouraged students to practice plastic-free lives by buying little gift out of their own pockets. These small efforts maybe little as the fireflies, but once assembled, could be useful for advocations.

After the conference, representatives of the Foundation took the opportunity to experience the boat sail in the ocean for sampling the debris. It also held a symposium along with the BW S. California Center and Algalita, renown Environmentalists, invited people to attend and exchange knowledge, to learn from the international pioneers.