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Due to severe condition of pandemic, 20th OWC was held on line, Tse-Xin Foundation was invited to participate and present a topic.


In the organic society, the event ” Organic World Congress” held every 3 years, because of COVID-19, delayed snd held on line this time, Tse-Xin was invited to participate, stating the vision and ideals of its principle along with sharing the promotional experience of PGS (Participatory Guarantee System)

Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation was invited, at the period of September 6th-10th, to participate IFOAM- Organics International, in the 20th event of Organic World Congress, OWC. In this event there were over 2500 organic agriculture farmers, managers, researchers, and promoters and policy makers to share to promote “Green Conservation Label”, Participatory Guarantee System (PGS), with real experience, along with the ideal, value, and vision of the Tse-Xin and the influence.


After 10 years of promotion of “Green Conservation Label”, emphasing Win-Win among economics and ecology. After several years promoting organic agriculture by Tse-Xin, not only building up a whole and complete supply/consumers model, but also revealing the spiritual value of environment protection.


This year, the convention teams up global organic farming upon the leadership, knowledge of farmers, scientific research, supply value, cultural education and the relationship of benefits, the 6 aspects of experience of contribution, to provide the participants with multi-aspects interaction and observation, Pre-Conferences of OWC held from September 6th to 7th will discuss the following 5 subjects: 1. 30 years of PGS Development appraisal. 2. Scientific publication of Organic Agriculture Research. 3. Policy driving sustainable Food System. 4. Organic Animal Husbandry System. 5. Organic Seeds System.

On September 6th, Tse-Xin was invited by the congress to participate the Pre-Conferences of OWC, will be presented by Ms. Chu-Chun Kuo, the assistant supervisor of Organic Development section, and Ms. Shu-Chuan Kuo, the specialist of Green Conservation Promotion, “NGO in Taiwan is leading the PGS” as the case study.


Ms. Chu-Chun Kuo, (FROM right), the assistant supervisor of Organic Development section, and Ms. Shu-Chuan Kuo, the specialist of Green Conservation Promotion, the representatives of the foundation, presenting the general statement upon the promotion of Green Conservation PGS.


 Tse-Xin Foundation and Forestry Bureau promote both economics and conservation in good care of “ Green Conservation Label”, in order to establish general public the cognition of farming field sustainable value, the foundation collect several different fields specialists, at the year of 2017 introduced PGS to build up the certificate method mutually, by ideals sharing, cultivational education and techniques support and so on, to combine farmers, consumers, interests groups, and sales distributors to set up a audition system. In the end it can have the public directly contact with farmers, land, agriculture produce, and species intact to establish the combined sensation and feeling to place the foundation in mutual trust and benefits.


PGA has developed ? globally for 30 years, Tse-Xin shares experience promoting PGS and its processes as an example model in Taiwan.Promotion, the representatives of the foundation, presenting the general statement upon the promotion of Green Conservation PGS.


September 8th, promotion specialist of Tse-Xin Foundation , Ms. Tsai-Ling Yeh will present the topic “Restoring Earth and Purifying minds, the ideals and vision of Master Ri-Chang who established Tse-Xin Foundation”, to share the founder’s belief on Buddha’s doctrine of compassion, due to casualties of pesticide spread on farm land, which raised his compassion on the suffering, with the insight to the world, all living beings should live on harmony, which can create a decent and sustainable cycles to create creatures.


In OWC, Tse-Xin will introduce its founder, Master Ri-Chang to international friends about his vision, value and ideals.


Hence, Master established Tse-Xin Foundation in 1997, the time organic agriculture is not popular, he led a group of same ideal partners to “Restoring Earth and Purifying Hearts” as a spirit guideline for Tse-Xin, through inspiring education, helping farmers to transform their agriculture, and teamed up the supply and consumption chain to be integrated, establish a prosperous and successful example of Taiwan organic agriculture.


 The promotion specialist of Tse-Xin Foundation, Ms. Tsai-Ling Yeh , who presented the topic “Restoring Earth and Purifying Hearts: the ideals, value and vision of Venerable Master Ri-Chang who created TOAF”


During the sharing , the foundation also proposed some improvements upon the difficulty of procedure and guide on refinement, which is provided as an reference and model for international organizations, hopefully the presentation as a means spreading the mutual help and spirit of Altruism bringing up the warmth and the hope of light, easing up the tension of pandemic.