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Photo source : Liu-Kung Agriculture Foundation, Taipei. (photographer / Mr. Shih-Chen, Wu)

What can be proclaimed the Michelin-guide「Taiwan TAGs Organic Tea Award 2020」had been accomplished on 8 June 2020.  There were 82 organic farmers, came from 13 cities of Taiwan, participated in this contest.  Ching Yuan Tea Factory, among them, won the Grand Prize "Tsui-Wa Award" (also known as Jade Frog Award) in category of organic Floral Oolong tea.  (note:TAGs, Taiwan-tea Assortment & Grading system) 

This nationwide contest of organic tea was held the first time in Taiwan in 2020. Due to the concern of COVID-19 pandemic, the whole process of appraisal didn’t have audience other than Agricultural  administrators, judges, staffs on the site, but it has been broadcasted throughout the country via online streaming.  All the details and flow of operation were under rigorous regulation of fairness, impartiality, and openness.

An ordinary tea contest usually focused more on the competition among participants.  However, this Award emphasized more on the assorting and grading so that it would be easier for consumer to identify the quality of well-rated organic tea.  CEO Su of Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation supported this event strongly, he commented, ”Awarded tea is not only good for your own enjoyment but also a perfect choice of decent present for your friends.  This Award also set a standard for organic tea so that farmers can learn from it and make progress in the future.” And, he said, “If this Award gained reputation and credibility internationally in the future, it can and will be a reference index for evaluation/selection of organic tea around the world.  By then, overseas tea farmers will be attracted to Taiwan to join this Award.”

CEO Su emphasized that most of tea fields in Taiwan are located in water protection areas and eco-conservative areas, therefore, it is very important to Taiwan that more tea farmers join organic plantation. Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation started to promote organic tea plantation in Pinling from 2009.  After 10 years of making progress in planting tea tree technology and tea processing skills, Ching Yuan Tea Factory won the grand prize of "Tsui-Wa Award" in category of organic Floral Oolong tea, in addition, we won six Gold Award, 9 Silver Award and 26 Bronze Award as well.


Through this Organic Tea Award, it has shown the rapid growth of organic plantation and efforts of Taiwan organic farmers made.  The organic tea implied valuable senses of health, eco-conservation, water and environment protection.  It is the hard-working of tea farmers and the support from consumers that makes the Earth a better place.