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Having a Leopard Cat is so good” Press Conference
Appreciation Ceremony for the Protection of the Endangered Leopard Cat

On June l, 2023, the Forestry bureau under the Ministry of Agriculture held a press conference to thank Tze Xin Foundation and other partners in their years of effort in ecological conservation.

Leopard cats is an endangered specie. They mainly live in mountainous area overlapping with local inhabitants' farming areas. In 2014, the forestry bureau and the Endemic Biological Research and Conservation Center put forth “Friendly Farming with Leopard Cats " logo. As long as it is organic, its production and marketing history is verified or has a green conservation logo, and the field contains a grassy area to enable leopard cats to hide, no rat poisons, nor wild animals or dogs and cats, it can obtain a “Friendly Leopard Cat Farming logo” as verification. It is hope that this will be acknowledged by the farming community and provide an ideal habitat for leopard cat.


Currently there are 38 farmers who supports the “Friendly Farming with
Leopard cat” and “Friendly Leopard Cat Farming - use pesticide safely”, covering Nantou, Miaoli, and Taichung area, a total of 55.1 hectares. This include rice, bananas, sugar cane, lemon, assortment of fruit etc. Of these, 8 has obtained Tze Xin Foundation Green Conservation Logo.

Tze Xin Foundation and the forestry bureau together have pushed through an economic and conservation win win “Green Conservation Logo” for more than ten years. In the future it will continue to assist farmers to apply for the conservation logo, and allow friendly farming to restore local ecological balance and rich biodiversity; and provide consumers with safe food. Moreover, it will enable leopard cats to safely forage in the fields. With everyone’s effort, the future for leopard cats can be taken off the endangered species list, and other similar animals can also receive protection, forming a sustainable vision of harmonious coexistence for all.