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Gu Keng Tse-Xin farm

      Tze Xin Foundation selected Bliss and Wisdom Ma Yan Farm’s Kun Zi Xi Ban  #3 and #4 together with 13 hectares of land and constructed  “Gu Keng Tse-Xin Farm” which  will serve as a long term training base for farmers, and can also be used by the team for short term activities to promote organic farming.       The actual work of the agricultural promotion center can be divided into 5 categories.  1) “Tse-Xin does not kill” ¬– people and animals co-exist and are equal.  Ecological areas and scenic areas emphasize the beauty of nature and attracting various wild life and plants to mutually co-exist;   2) “Mutual Cooperation” recruit volunteers to unite to repair and restore the building, plant, farm and do related etc infrastructures.    Work to show Tze Xin organic concept of cooperation.  3) “ Return and Recycle”, use existing piled up compose and taking advantage of  nature’s cycle of birth and rebirth   4) “conserve resource” use less petrifaction, produce from the earth, and consume from the earth;  use  construction materials which consume less energy, and use methods which consume less energy for agriculture product, transport, storage etc.  5) “promote good health” establish a healthy lifestyle; maintain a healthy mind and body which is unstressed.

      After the farm has been established, actively set up farming education, and invite specialist to guide and exchange experiences with farmers, etc.  Starting from 2008 during winter break, “University Organic Farming Industry learning Retreat” were organized annually.  Through courses and direct contacts with farmers, students had the opportunity to learn and understand organic farming concept and obtained first-hand experiences on farm management and about the value of organic farming and an appreciation of  farmers’ hard work.       In the area of increasing farmers’ techniques, the Agricultural Center, using different farm products are topics, for example rice cultivation, leafy vegetable etc, offers organic planting techniques exchanges, organizes  island-wide farm cooperation to mutually observe and exchange new ideas.  As a group, work together with the hope of brightening Taiwan’s Organic industry. 

      Lai Xi Yuan, Tse-Xin Foundation chairman expects the Agricultural Center to become a “First Class Farm” What is a First Class Farm?  The Chairman said, “motive is first class, concept is first class, intention is first class, method is first class.  With these goals, the Agricultural Center will step-by-step reflect on the co-prosperity between mankind and nature.