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Our Servuces

Founded in 1997, Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation strive to promote organic philosophy and spread healthy organic concept by utilizing diversified means to provide the mass public a glimpse into the hidden risk of food manufacturing process. The Foundation held frequent workshops, seminars, and field trips to farms. In addition, they sponsor jointly with Bliss & Wisdom Cultural & Education Foundation (BWCEF) various community events and campus activities, such as, National Teachers' Camp, Enterprise Elite Camp, Camp for College students, etc. Through attending these events, the participants were provided experiential opportunity to be awaken to the values of organic farming and to understand how agriculture can impact them directly, resulting in the formation of a strong supportive force for the organic industry.

We also publish periodicals relating to organic concept, i.e., Land of Compassion, a quarterly publication, to expand the scope of exposure. As to manufacturing, we promote various industrial services. Aside from continuing to assist farmers to convert from conventional farming to growing organic, we also sponsor organic technical workshops to enhance interaction and experience sharing among the farmers.    

For the sake of sustainability and to foster future experts in the organic field, we hold regular collegiate study group events to introduce organic concept and to ignite young people’s enthusiasm in organic farming. To support and expand the breadth of organic agriculture, we chose relevant government agencies, non-profit organizations, and consumers and sales channels to jointly promote projects to help in the sustainable development of the industry.