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Mission Statements

  • Well-being in mind and body. 
                                            Well-being in life.
  • Revitalize the Earth. 
                                      Benefit our posterity.
  • Boost the Tse-Xin spirit. 
                              Build up a Honest Society.

        Organic farming is a warm, humanistic and life-caring endeavor.For the longest time, people cultivate the land, while land feeds the people, creating an inseparable unity in life.Nevertheless, the land may be unselfishly providing for humans, yet the same efforts were not reciprocated by humans. Therefore, the Foundation is determined to revitalize this unceasing cycle by eliciting people’s compassion to allow nature to take its course naturally, and together create an “organic” world full of vitalities.    

       To realize an exalted concept require the joint effort of a group of people, a group which consists of producers, retailers and consumers. These three parties share a common philosophy: “when I benefit, you also benefit; when you benefit, I benefit too.” They interact in the spirit of sincerity, cooperation and appreciation, generating a huge amount of positive energy down an uncommon path. We wish that through practicing organic life style, each one of us may participate in creating an ecologically wholesome environment for mankind, at the same time, utilizing Tse-Xin undertakings as a base to establish a sincere and harmonic society.